The College of Science, Management, and Cybertech

A truly international institution

SMC Education Group is a state-accredited global online higher education institution with learners from more than 130 different countries, providing unsurpassed academic excellence, content leadership, relevance via state-of-the-art technology. We tackle some of the world‘s biggest challenges with economic value creation, improving of best-practices, and sustainability to build a better future for all.

SMC targets working professionals from all parts of the world who seek flexibility to study at any time from any place at their own pace. We possess a wealth of experience in the field of more than 20 years. This know-how built the foundation for the development of an innovative, credible, student- and service-oriented quality assurance framework, which has been officially licensed in the European Union to run higher education programs online with the power to issue degrees.

Europe's finest distance learning provider

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    Europe's eLearning Pioneer

A Global Group

SMC Education Group is truly international. We operate centers around the globe to provide unsurpassed service and quality to our students and partners..

  • United States

    Our US operations support the continuous development of the group, as well as other international organizations by both managing, supplying, and financing cutting-edge online education projects.

  • Austria

    SMC Vienna provides operational and academic support and leadership to the Group. The center, located in Vienna, manages manifold aspects of the administrative and financial service chain.

  • Malta

    SMC Malta has degree awarding power and is government accredited by the Ministry of Education. These degrees are recognized throughout the EU and internationally.

SMC Partners and Affiliates